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The AIOS was established in the year 1930. It is a registered Society under the Society's Registration Act of 1860. We have at present about 12,000 Members.

The objects of the Society are cultivation and promotion of the study and practice of ophthalmic sciences, research and man-power development with a view to render service to the community and to promote social contacts among ophthalmologists of the country.

We organise Annual Conferences in different parts of the country. In these conferences a number of scientific programmes, Symposia, Seminars, Workshops, Refresher Courses, Wet Labs etc. are conducted for the promotion and mutual exchange of knowledge in the field of Ophthalmic Science.

The Society also gives incentives to the Members in the form of Awards, Orations, Prizes and Fellowships in recognition of their services in the various specialities. The Chairman, Scientific Committee looks after the scientific programme of the society.

The Society has an Editor - Journal who functions under the aid and advice of the Editorial Board. IJO, the journal of society is publioshed & sent to all the members of the society.

We have an Editor Proceedings. The proceedings of the annual conferences are published and copies thereof are sent to all the members of the society.

For the proper functioning of the Society the following are the Statutory Committees elected by the Society :-

    1. Office Bearer's Sub Committee (OBSC)
    2. Governing Council
    3. Managing Committee
    4. Scientific Committee
    5. Editorial Committee - Journal
    6. Academic & Research Committee (ARC)
    7. Editorial Committee - Proceedings

We have our own Headquarter Building in the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

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