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Cause of incresed sperm count , low motility , low volum improving Naturally

Many men desire to enlarge their sperm volume just because they feel enthused by mature movies and desire to ejaculate further and extra.

Several common situation that lower sperm count, provisionally in virtually all cases, comprise the following:

1.    Emotional strain: Pressure may interfere with the hormone GnRH and decrease sperm counts

.2.    Sexual Issues: In less than 1% of males with sterility evils, a problem with sexual intercourse or method will affect fecundity.

3.    Weakness, PE, or psychologic or association evils can add to sterility, though these situation are typically extremely treatable.

4.    Lubricants used with condoms, including spermicides, oils, and Vaseline, can influence fecundity.

If you require a sperm sociable fat, the choice of a lot of couples annoying to get pregnant is Pre-Seed.

Homeopathy remedy  remedies to increase sperm Volume

1.    Maintain a well weight: Not also under or plump because weight influences estrogen and testosterone level.

2.    Observe your body temperature: keep away from vigorous exercise, hot tubs, and saunas because they lift the body temperature and may reason changes in ovulation and abridged sperm count.

3.    Check for experience to serious metals: grave metal toxins may influence ovulation.

A hair analysis can conclude experience.

4.    Get age into consideration: A man's fecundity begin to reduce after he is thirty so get this keen on thought when deciding when to contain children.

5.    Extreme contact to heat like sauna, hot bath channels to low sperm count.
Therefore, stay away from heaty articles and too from serious metals.

6.    Men with low sperm count are asked to provide in an example of the primary drops of ejaculation for false insemination.As the first drops are said to hold mainly of the sperm.

7.    Pressure, overfull schedules and poor diets lead to a lot of men missing out on necessary vitamins.Obtain one multi-vitamin tablet every day.

8.    Dehydration leads to exhaustion, tiredness and deprived physical function and all these can guide to deprived sexual functions.Swallow at least

8 glasses of water for each day.

9.    Men who are healthy have better sex lives than settee potatoes! Exercises improve the generally self-assurance, emotion of sexiness and provide great power and energy to be a improved player between the sheets

10.    Keep away from junk food and create sure that you uphold a fit dietary eating with kind amounts of whole particle, proteins, vegetables, greens, fruits and salads.

11.    Cigarette smoking openly affects sperm count, semen volume and sex drive.
Stay away from smoking to boost your sexual presentation.Keep in mind, the Marlboro Man is not as macho as the adverts demonstrate them

12.    Keep away from bitter, hot and acidic foods.

13.    Stay absent from tight undergarments and attempt to sleep with loose-fitting clothes at bedtime.

14.    In container you did not know, sperm levels are at the uppermost in the morning and afternoon creation it the best times for some fervent love-making.

15.    Bananas, Avocado, Almonds and other nuts have the equal possessions as oysters.

You may be able to increase sperm count, seek professional medical advice and treatment in accordance with regulations.

When you try to have children, the amount of the number of sperm you ejaculate is very important, because it is their condition.

Order to be able to fertilize an egg, a large number of sperm in the hundreds of millions.

While the average person can generate a lot of sperm, several times a day, there are external factors that can affect sperm count.

Diet pills such as smoke, use, poverty and lack of exercise thing, you can reduce sperm count.

Increase your sperm count to increase in the amount of sperm count per ejaculation, increase your fertility.Causes of Increase in Sperm CountStressPressure leads to a lot of problems, unfortunately, you can create a man of low sperm count.

Both the emotional and psychological stress may cause this to happen.Exposure to Excessive HeatExcessive exposure to heat may cause a person to be less fertile.

Take a hot bath, bathroom, sauna, or even your laptop on the knees on a very long time may overheat the testicles, resulting in low levels of sperm.

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Long driving may lead to a lot of stress and overheating of the economy, which may reduce the level of sperm.
Stress levels sky rocket when you drive, if you know or do not.
Under normal circumstances, never with its remarkable.CyclingCycling can cause the scrotum can reduce sperm count numbness.

This also increases the temperature of the testicles.The main reason for male infertility is low sperm count, low vitality and a large number of malformation or abnormal sperm.

Some environmental and biological factors affect the sperm count.

In Ayurveda, explain a variety of ways to increase sperm count, sperm motility, thereby enhancing the ability of male fertility.

Low sperm count and natural way to increase sperm count the reasons explained below.

1.As the temperature increased testicular cancer, reduced sperm count.Tight pants, clothes, hot showers, sauna, etc., to avoid these reasons, and help to increase sperm count, testicular temperature rise.After bathing, rinse with cold water testis helps to increase sperm count and sperm motility.

2.Weight gain can lead to hormonal imbalance, reduce men's testosterone levels.
Weight loss can help reverse this situation.Testosterone excessive increase sperm count.In obesity in the abdominal fat layer overlap testicles when they sit down., Which raises the temperature of the testicles? It sits a few hours, can reduce the sperm count of obese people.

Prolonged sitting on the weighing should take a break in the middle, about 10-15 minutes walk.This helps to increase sperm count and weight.

3.The fertility rate of women to reduce the progress of their age.Similarly, the male sperm and the quality and reduce its era of progress.The male aging process may be delayed by herbal Vajikarana therapy.This also increases the sperm count and quality, to increase sperm count and sperm motility

4.Alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, a 50% reduction in sperm count and sperm motility.
Away from these bad habits, help to increase sperm count and sperm motility.

5 Psychological factors, such as pressure, tension, worry can reduce sperm count.
Suppression of these factors to your daily yoga and meditation.Yoga and meditation is the best stressed that the destroyer.

Reduce these psychological factors help to increase sperm count.

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Improve Sperm count,motility and morphology with homeopathy Treatment

 Increase your sperm count, motility and improve morphology with  Homeopathy medicine.There are basic guidelines to follow when it comes to improving male fertility, while trying to conceive for a baby.

Men need to prioritize an approach on how to increase sperm count, which is proven safe and effective.
Avoid hot baths and shower, quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption and eat healthy as all these will positively impact your sperm production..

Men need to boost their sperm volume.

A method on how to increase sperm count and enhance semen quality employs various techniques such as avoiding long sitting, or overdoing exercises as these can heat the testicles and decrease sperm viability.

Long hour driving can also damage sperm quality.

While the scrotum is designed to protect the testicles from extreme temperature by raising or lowering them depending on environmental temperature, it is still best if hot baths or saunas are avoided.

Prolonged exposure to overheating may even impair fertility..

To keep the groin area comfortable and testes temperature at minimum, wearing of loose clothing is generally recommended..

Another simple way on how to increase sperm count is to take daily multivitamins, coupled with a healthy diet.
While there are pills available to increase the semen volume and improve quality, it is highly recommended to see a medical specialist at a fertility clinic before taking any male supplement..

Also keep in mind to take extra precaution with lubricants as most of them are known to damage semen quality.

A spermicidal type of lubricant will instantly kill the sperm upon contact..

Avoid marijuana, cocaine and other illegal substances at all costs! They actually destroy the fertilizing ability of sperm, and can hinder the production of new sperm.

Often, illegal drugs can cause abnormal sperm shape or deformed sperm..

In recent times, environmental and biological factors have caused a considerable decrease in sperm count and the amount of ejaculate men produce leading to many problems such as male infertility.

Keep in mind that living a healthy lifestyle is a proven approach to how to increase sperm count and combat infertility..

There are fertility sites that guide men with low count on how to increase sperm count the effective way.

Sperm health, mobility and viability are serious concerns to address while trying to have successful pregnancy with your partner.

Today man has achieved tremendous progress in every aspect.

Society has become very broad minded, and yet there is no change in the biased approach with the couples without child.

Most authorities define these patients as infertile if they have been unable to achieve a pregnancy after one year of unprotected intercourse.

The fact is, among 60% of all couples experiencing infertility, a male factor is involved.

In approximately 40 % of cases subfertility is found in the male alone and in another 20% both male and female are abnormal.

Barring some physical defects, low sperm count (Oligospermia) and poor sperm quality is responsible for male infertility in more than 90% of cases.

Out of these in about 30% to 40% the cause is unexplained, and in the rest of the cases critical illness, malnutrition, genetic abnormalities, pollution, and also side effects of some medicines, hormones and chemicals are responsible.

(In short, it is not the number but the quality of the sperm that is important in fertility).Several studies in different countries have led to the conclusion that there has been a large-scale decrease in sperm count and quality of sperm in last 50 years.

And scientists studying the decrease in sperm count claim that human males will be infertile by next 50 years, if the current trend is maintained.

Not only this, but the whole system should function harmoniously.

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Diet are so important role improve sperm count for low sperm count patient

 Nill Sperm Count Treatment and Fruits and Vegetables to Increase Sperm Count :
The sexuality has many faces and it is up to the sexually active couple what way they enjoy the most.

However, for many couples, sexual activities are not just for the fun but it is the divine way to achieve a progeny that would run the family once they are no more in this world! What here we talk about is for a man, having low sperm count.

Low sperm count directly affects man's fertility and the man is then labeled as impotent.

This way, the impotency is troubling man's life and in some worse cases, it may lead to breaking of marital life.

On the other hand, a man with low sperm count is in thought of incapability to satisfy woman as he is afraid that low sperm count may not have enough force of ejaculation that can make her sexual partner fully satisfied.

Let us learn how to increase low sperm count –the low sperm count is called as oligospermia wherein the sperms are less than the normal figure per ml of ejaculated semen in a normal condition.

Other problem with low sperm count is in such male, the sperms are weak too.

They are not so healthy and hence, cannot travel the distance that is required to reach ovum and to fertilize it.

Increase low sperm count is possible with external and internal therapy.

There are various therapies and treatments available that can make the male to have healthy and adequate sperms in semen.

Herbs such as Shatavari, Mucuna, Butea, Shilajit and Gokshura are Ayurvedic herbs those have been used to treat low sperm count since many years.

They are reported to have natural sperm enhancing capacity and are potent aphrodisiacs.

However, to get better results, regular consumption of such herbs is required.

One can consume these herbs as a single herb or can go for some formula that contains a blend of above mentioned herbs.

Supplements that increase low sperm count come in the form of capsules, pills, granules and liquid for internal use and gels, oils, creams, lotions and sprays for external use.
If the sperm count is low due to some mental stress, one can increase low sperm count by using some medications that calms down the aggressive mood.
Ayurvedic special therapy such as Panchakarma is said to have great benefits in treating such conditions and restore the brain chemistry that has been disturbed.

Special massage and head therapy as included in Panchakarma is reported to improve the blood circulation within the male sexual organs and hence help to boost their health.
Internal medications is said to increase the sperm naturally.

Some say that alternative therapies such as acupressure, acupuncture, Thai massage and aromatherapy are also very useful in increase low sperm count.

However, they all lack of scientific evidences but they are fully practiced in many parts of the world, especially Southeast Asian countries.

Yoga, meditation and Pranayama are also few of the holistic exercises that help in increase low sperm count.

However, to see good results, you need to practice it regularly.

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Azoospermia OR Nil sperm count

Azospermia :

Azoospermia is the name given to the condition in which there are no sperm in the semen.

The semen may look normal, but the condition shows up under a microscope.Azoospermia , as the name suggests , refers to the condition in which there are no sperm in the semen.

This diagnosis can come as a rude shock, because most men with a zero count have normal libido; normal sexual function; and their semen looks completely normal too.

The diagnosis can only be made by examining the semen under a microscope in the laboratory.Azoospermia needs to be differentiated from aspermia, or the absence of semen.

This is a rare condition, in which the man cannot produce a semen sample, because he cannot ejaculate.

This could be because of a psychologic problem called anejaculation; or a medical problem called retrograde ejaculation, in which the semen is discharged backwards into the urinary bladder, rather than forwards.If the lab report shows azoospermia, please ensure that you have in fact ejaculated properly.
It's also a good idea to repeat the semen analysis it again from an independent lab.

The laboratory should be also requested to centrifuge the sample and check the pellet for sperm precursors.

Some men will have occasional sperm in the pellet, which means they are not really azoospermic.

This is called cryptozoospermia.There are only 2 possible reasons for the count being zero.

One is because of a blockage of the ducts which carry the from the testes to the penis.

This is called obstructive azoospermia, because it is a result of a block in the reproductive ducts ( passage).

The other is due to testicular failure, in which the testes do not produce.

This is called non-obstructive azoospermia ( a mouthful, which simply means that the problem is not because of a block).

Men with obstructive azoospermia have normal testes which produce sperm normally, but whose passageway is blocked.

This is usually a block at the level of the epididymis, and in these men the semen volume is normal; fructose is present; the pH is alkaline; and no sperm precursor cells are seen on semen analysis.

On clinical examination, they typically have normal sized firm testes, but the epididymis is full and turgid.Some men have obstructive azoospermia because of an absent vas deferens.

Their semen volume is low ( 0.5 ml or less); the pH is acidic and the fructose is negative.

The diagnosis can be confirmed by clinical examination, which shows the vas is absent.

If the vas can be felt in these men, then the diagnosis is a seminal vesicle obstruction.Men with non-obstructive azoospermia have a normal passageway, but abnormal testicular function, and their testes do not produce sperm normally.
Some of these men may have small testes on clinical examination.

The testicular failure may be partial, which means that only a few areas of the testes produce sperm, but this sperm production is not enough for it to be ejaculated.

Other men may have complete testicular failure, which means there is no sperm production at all in the entire testes.

The only way to differentiate between complete and partial testicular failure is by doing multiple testicular micro-biopsies to sample different areas of the testes and send them for pathological examination.Sometimes the clinical examination can provide useful clues as to the reason for the azoospermia.

Rarely, the reason for the testicular failure is because of inadequate production of the gonadotropin hormones from the pituitary ( a condition called hypogonadotropic hypogonadism).

Most hypogonadotropic patients are hypogonadal - that is, they have low levels of the male hormone, testosterone.

This means they have poorly developed secondary sexual characters; an effeminate appearance, scanty hair, decreased libido, and small flabby testes.

This can be confirmed by blood tests which show low levels of FSH and LH.A clinical examination can also provide useful clues.

Thus, mean with obstructive azoospermia will typically have normal sized, firm testes, with an epididymis which is swollen and turgid because it is full of.Read more on lAnalysing the semen analysis report carefully can often provide clues as to the reason for the azoospermia.

Thus, if the volume is low ( less than 1 ml; the pH acidic; and the fructose negative), this means the seminal vesicles are blocked or absent, a condition often found in men with congenital absence of the vas deferens.

If the vas can be felt on clinical examination, this means the man may have a seminal vesicle obstruction.The presence of sperm precursors in the semen means that the problem is not because of a block.It is also a good idea to give a second sample within 1 or 2 hours after the second.

This is called a sequential ejaculate; and in some men who have non-obstructive azoospermia because of partial testicular failure, there may be no in the first ejaculate, but there will be some in the second, because it is "fresher".For most men with a confirmed diagnosis of azoospermia, the next test is a testis biopsy to determine what the reason for the azoospermia is, so that an appropriate treatment plan can be formulated.

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