President Message President Message

Dr. V.K. Sharma


President ,Rajasthan Ophthalmological Society

Honourable chief guest respected seniors, dear Friends, and colleagues,

 I am happy to be here, and thank u all for showing faith in me, and giving me this opportunity to serve you.

I am not here to address you but rather to share few of my thoughts; as there are my seniors here, far ahead of me in experience and distinction. There are also my younger friends who are working hard with zeal and enthusiasm to make the most of it.


Today as we all know the Rajasthan Ophthalmic Society has grown stronger with family of 700 members. Since its inception meeting of 1973, till date the growth and its work is worth praise. And we have in the past achieved remarkable feats and no wonder we are at par with the rest of the country. Today I am proud to be heading this organization.

With the modern age of technology taking grip, my comrades, I feel we must walk with it, and make use of it for the betterment of all.

 I very much feel that we must have a website for the ROS. It would enable us to share emails common good of patients and help in the process of our continuous learning. we need to create common formats & protocols which ease up things and bring uniformity.  And these. be shared among us on the website bringing in transparency. The web can be used for promoting various health programs like programs of Blindness of control, Village Outreach, School and Child Screenings.

Experience has taught us that medicines, techniques and skills do not, on their own solve the health problems of all. Applying relevant solutions is the challenge. There is a gap between what we know and what we need to know (the knowledge gap), between health problems and solutions (the research gap), and between evidence based solutions and what health workers actually do (the 'know-do' gap). Inadequate infrastructure and technology result in service gaps. Human resource gaps need to be filled with trained people working efficiently together.

How to bridge the health information gap is a hotly debated topic. New communication technologies promise quick and easy information transfer but threaten to widen the gap between the technology haves and have-nots, the so-called 'digital divide'. We need to find ways to provide information to eye care providers working in diverse circum­stances

We all are aware of the state of affairs of Corneal Blindness. We are country of 130 billion plus people, with almost 70 thousand deaths, and with 6.5 lakh people suffering from corneal blindness. If we were to achieve 100% donations, corneal blindness would be story of yesterday.

We sport slogans on public places, on the television, on the local networks of cable operators, to have educational drives to bring awareness amongst the common folk. Having common telephone number like 3 digits or 4 digit telephones similar to child helpline, HIV helpline, .

Even Malnutrition is one of the primary causes of blindness in tribal & rural areas. Also there must be awareness created in the subject of foreign body removal by quacks & illiterates with dirty clothes and rusted articles. It is to educate people of better possible things in world of possibilities. Local Administration should be involved to deal with this issue.

. Research and Education, we have been actively having CMEs in past, which will be continued with increased frequencies. Along with it as mentioned earlier the website will create common protocol and provide free and easy transfer of information. I would also like to point out, that we promote, ‘free exchange programs', where doctors from one hospital can go to a higher centre to learn and vice-versa. And on the website there could be display of list of hospitals that are capable of providing such training.

Also once in 2 months we must publish our Journal and encourage doctors  from small peripheral centers to contribute. Encouragement would be flooded and everyone would be invited to share ideas and experiences.

By just aligning ourselves as a team we can achieve far more than what we can do alone.

 The first stage is the sharing of a vision, a common goal. The next is building the team.

Breaking down professional boxes and recognizing the complementary nature of the work of each member.

I feel strongly, while we trying to bring light into other people's eyes and lives, we must enlighten ourselves too..

•         In this pursuit of achieving excellence, we become the victims of stress and strain mainly because of reasons like -

•         To be at par with changing technologies with ourselves & the instruments.

•         Increased expectations from the patients, who are aware and well informed & increased law suits thereby.

•         Remarks by Colleagues, which tends to cater criticism

•         Healthy life style

•         Firstly be updated with latest information, learn more, and know more by attending CMEs, Conferences and reading journals.

•         Even at times when we feel technology we are using is outdated, be confident about the skills. For e.g., a well done SICS is better than average done Phaco.

•         Stay POSTIVE. A positive frame of mind promotes healing in oneself, & this energy then naturally flows out to others.

•         There is core goodness in us all & when I draw on this power, positive feelings emerge.

•         As long as I keep looking inside, I really do have a choice. Why choose worry, which will harm me?

•         Why not opt for a positive approach, which will uplift me?

•         We get into a ‘tit for tat' situation in which I feel bad about someone else, so they have ill-feeling towards me, which confirms my opinion about them & so on. Everyone loses out

 . With strength of mind, I can recover my peace and have positive feelings even towards those who don't feel good about me.

•         Positive thoughts and feelings flow between people like an electric current.

 When I switch on my awareness of the positive qualities common to humanity, it is like bringing light into the darkness.


Excellence is an art won by 
training and habituation. 

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