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Annual Conference of Gujarat Orthopedic Association


President's Message President's Message


I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to be the President of the IMA. I am honored and humbled. Past Presidents have done a wonderful job that I will try to emulate.  I understand that many challenges lie ahead. 

During this year I would like to address some major issues. As we all know, healthcare changes are happening fast and more and more hospital care will be rendered by hospitalists. Consequently, we need to have a strong voice as the majority of us would like to be involved with the care of our patients in the hospital. 

Secondly, with the help of all of you and the Executive Committee I would like to have a support system in place to assist all young physicians with externships, residencies, and jobs.This can be achieved and would decrease the stress that the young physicians are experiencing.


One Voice

One voice spoke to my inner responsibility,
To realize I can be heard by many,
That the issues I discuss,
The words I use to express myself,
Provide a picture,
About me and where I work.
So, I've chosen to be professionally accountable,
To choose my topics carefully,
To realize not everything I feel should be said.
I want to make a difference.
I want to make the world, or my part of it, better.
I am one voice representing my profession.

President IMA 2011