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Welcome to the website of Andhra Pradesh Ophthalmological Society. This is a society of ophthalmologists based in or associated with Andhra Pradesh, India. This society is affiliated to the All India Ophthalmological Society. It has a membership of over 1200. The basic aim is to coordinate academic, research and welfare activities for the benefit of public in general and its members in particular.
This site is meant to be a vital resource of information and interaction among members and public at large to further the aims and objects of the society.
It was in 1976, a group of 5 ophthalmologists from AP, Dr Vengal Rao, Dr Srirama Murthy, Dr Satpathy, Dr Ranga Reddy & Dr Ramachandran were traveling together to attend the annual AIOS conference at Bhopal. The initial spark came as a suggestion that we form the AP State Society. This initial spark was from none other than Dr P Ranga Reddy.  The suggestion soon became a reality & the AP state Ophthalmological society made a humble beginning in 1976 under the able stewardship of Dr P Siva Reddy.
All through these years, the able stewardship of the successive presidents steered our society from strength to strength. The society today has a life membership of over 1200. The society in order to comply with all the norms of the government applied for registration & is now successfully registered as ANDHRA PRADESH OPHTHALMOLOGICAL SOCIETY vides Reg: No: 1147 of 2007.
Our society today is vibrant, its scientific activities are duly appreciated and the delegates look forward to its hospitality & fellowship.
The first Ad-hoc managing committee: June 1977 Members
President – Dr P Siva Reddy
Vice President – K Dr Vengal Rao
Secretary – Dr P Ranga Reddy
Treasurer – Dr A Ramachandran
Editor – Dr M Satapathy Dr C Sriram Murthy
Dr Parthasarathy Reddy
Dr Laxmi Narayana
Dr NS Reddy
Dr AVN Rao
Dr SC Reddy

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Incidence of Postoperative Cystoid Macular Edema by a Single Surgeon

Objective To evaluate the clinical and angiographic incidence of cystoid macular edema (CME) after cataract surgery, and to determine the impact of...

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